Carla at Base Cleaners has been with us since 1999

Corrine has been at Park Ave. since 2007

Jane - Customer Service at Park Ave.

Kayla - Laundry Production

Mary and Bill
Bill and Mary Gladding

About Us

Orange Park Dry Cleaners, Orange Park, Florida (formerly Comet Cleaners) has been a part of Orange Park since 1997 and we love it!

Bill and Mary Gladding opened their first Dry Cleaners in Arkansas in 1993. After a successful start, 2 children, 2 stores and 2 years later they moved to Orange Park, Florida. (We have always been water people and being land locked was cramping our style.) In 1997 they opened Comet Cleaners at 1513 Park Ave. In 1999 they expanded again to 569 Blanding Boulevard and soon followed NAS-JAX Base Cleaners.

This is truly a family owned and operated business. Mary manages the bookkeeping, payroll and personnel. Bill and Jacob, (#1 son) handle the day to day operations, while Sam (#2 son) has customer service under control.

We are proud to say that our employees are our family. Most of them have been with us over 10 years. We are proud of the work they do and feel fortunate to have them as part of our family.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Bill, Mary, Jacob & Sam Gladding


Michelle is our Area Manager and has been with us since 1998
Sam Gladding
Our son Sam, he has worked for us all his life!

Jacob Gladding
Our son Jacob has been with us his entire working life!

Jennifer H
Jennifer - Customer Service

Wendy is our Blanding Ave. laundry presser, she joined us in 2011
Christin - Production Assistant
Brian - Customer Service
Caitlyn - Customer Service - Blanding Ave.
Taylor - Customer Service
Katlyn - Customer Service
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