Clothing Care Tips

Clothing Care
  • Keep fabric care labels in garment.

  • If you get a stain on your garment, DON'T do anything to it! Bring it in ASAP and remember what caused the stain.

  • When pressing corduroy, press it wrong side out.

  • Keep a towel or apron in your car for when you're eating on the go.

  • Use the clear garment bag when packing for a trip. Place them in-between shirt, dresses, blouses etc... this will help prevent wrinkles during travel.

  • Don't leave clothing (clean or dirty) in a hot car. The heat and sun can cause stains to become permanent and fade and weaken the fabric.


  • Apply lotion's, cologne's, hairspray's and perfume's at least 5 minutes before putting on clothing! These items can cause yellowish stains that are NOT visible until after garments are dry cleaned.

  • Multiple piece garments ie; suits, dresses, sweater sets, etc... should always be cleaned at the same time. Cleaning these items at the same time together will maintain color consistency.

  • Be careful of garments containing angora and lambs wool, they tend to shrink.

  • To extend the life of Laundered shirts, don't use heavy starch, OR Launder with Heavy Starch 1 time, then No Starch 2 times. Starch is very hard on the fabric and fibers of the garment. Starch will cause a stiffness or brittleness which breaks down the integrity of the fibers, causing holes to wear through quicker and buttons to pull through.

  • Sun tanning products and lotions can discolor fabrics and may not be visible until after cleaned.

  • If you get home and discover a problem with your clothing, keep all tags attached to garment and keep your receipt, call or stop by the store to make them aware of your situation.
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